Success Stories

This success was possible due to Funding from Global Fund for Women.

“I have woken up to Agri-business farming” Nabukeera Justine said. She is a prime example of how we tell all the smallholder farmers we work with at KRUWODO, farming can be a very successful business. By adopting to climate smart agriculture and financial practices, Justine and many others like her are improving their lives as well as that of their families and communities.

Nabukeera Justine 59, whose real name has been withheld, is a resident of Kabule village in Kabule ward. She has been a subsistence farmer for many years and was producing for home consumption only but recently she became a vegetable farmer after acquiring knowledge from the community trainings which we conducted in Kabule village last year, 2019.  We provided her with high quality seeds and she established a vegetable garden of eggplants. By using organic manure, plant based pesticides, irrigation farming she is able to grow eggplants even in the dry season and sells these to surrounding communities while reserving some for the family. She harvests every five days and she is able to make sales of 30,000/= Uganda shillings every week. Out of this money, she says she is able to use 15,000/= for household items which include but not limited to salt, sugar, soap, books, pencils, pens amongst others and she saves 15,000/= Ug. Shs. on a weekly basis. She now hopes that at the end of the year she will have made enough savings to make a big investment.