Ongoing Projects

Project Title: Advancing Women’s Climate justice Solutions in Agriculture
Partner: Global Fund for Women
Implementing Agency: Karma Rural Women’s Development Organization (KRUWODO)

In the photo above; Women and Girls from the villages of Mawonvu, Saala, Kabule, Miggo and Nakitolo are some of the change agents in their respective villages who are taking the tree planting campaign very seriously.

Agricultural Clubs:
So far seven agricultural clubs have been formed to foster the agricultural enterprises that the project is setting up in the schools. One club per school and each club has got a patron who is a female teacher and an assistant patron. Their role is to oversee the operations of the agricultural club, give them mentorship and well as courage and direction in as far as the agricultural enterprises are concerned.

This is Township SSS agricultural Club members
Above are agricultural Club members of Kabule R/C primary School
These are Kyankowe Primary School agricultural Club members, very happy for the project and ready to take on their role of inspiring other pupils into the school agriculture enterprise.
In the photo above, KRUWODO’s Executive Director (Right), Deputy head teacher (Left) and Barbara KRUWODO field officer pose for a photo with Tanda Primary school agricultural Club members.
These are agricultural Club members of St. Ambrose Primary school, very passionate about the project
Here are the agricultural Club members of St. Jude Primary school together with their patron
The patron, deputy patron and agricultural club members of Kabule C/U Primary; in the photo above have adopted climate smart practices which they are utilizing in the agricultural enterprises.
“I have woken up to Agri-business farming” Nabukeera Justine said. She is a prime example of how we tell all the smallholder farmers we work with at KRUWODO, farming can be a very successful business. Read more