Health Promotion & Development

Young people under the age of 25 account for 43% of the world’s seven billion people. Young people experience high rates of HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), unplanned pregnancies, and maternal morbidity and mortality. KRUWODO through its project “Promoting Adolescent’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights”, implemented In Bbanda Sub County Mityana District, reached more young clients than ever before: approximately 30%of our clients were under the age of 25. By sharing our approach, challenges and emerging successes, we contributed to the wider understanding and debates on how best to meet the needs of young people. Identifying and scaling up effective strategies to help young people make informed, healthy choices about their sexual and reproductive lives which was and is critical. We know that too many young people have limited information about SRH and many others face discrimination when they do try to seek services. Alongside education, ensuring that young people have access to a comprehensive package of SRH services delivered in a supportive and respectful environment, which is key to empowering young people and preventing poor health, thus contributing to the Specific Development Goals on maternal and child health, gender equity and HIV.

KRUWODO’s main objective is to improve health of the target communities through increased access of WASH facilities, improved nutrition, improved reproductive health among women and young people, HIV/AIDS prevention and control and systems strengthening among vulnerable communities, schools and health centres in Mityana District.
This is being done through provision of WASH facilities to schools, communities and health centres, ensuring that most vulnerable groups such as women, children, elderly, people with disabilities and people living with HIV/AIDS have easy access to such facilities. KRUWODO has worked with various stakeholders at local, national and international levels to ensure that target beneficiaries access such facilities through provision, capacity building, sensitization and education to raise awareness. Further, the interventions have enhanced reproductive health among mothers and young people, particularly mainstreaming menstrual hygiene management and HIV/AIDS control.
KRUWODO shall animate, promote and work with key community structures such as VHTs, SMCs and SHCs and local leaders for ownership of interventions and sustainability of impact.