Health Promotion & Development

KRUWODO implements the following initiatives within the Community health thematic area; Supporting HIV / AIDS Prevention and Regulation of WASH Reproductive Health Initiatives Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Health Systems Improving Nutrition. Read more

KRUWODO is working with Village Health Teams who are disseminating knowledge to households within 59 parishes in Mityana District through:

  • Training Village Health Teams (VHTs) / Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) in healthcare provision.
  • Creating awareness of disease prevention, management and treatment with a special focus on malaria and HIV / AIDS.
  • Building awareness on nutrition and dietary requirements for children, pregnant women and people living with HIV / AIDS.
  • Development and production of VHTs’ handbooks on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Training VHTs in group formation, dynamics and team building.
  • Identifying and linking skilled community health personnel for further training in healthcare provision.
  • Training VHTs in income generating activities, saving and credit scheme initiatives as a financing strategy to support and facilitate health group members. A “Health Cash Up Scheme” has been initiated, introduced and promoted by KRUWODO through income generating projects by VHTs with a major aim of enabling them raise income to support and facilitate their roles and functions.
  • Training women and youth groups in re-usable sanitary pads and establishing a link point for distribution of re-usable sanitary pads to youth groups.
  • Continuous monitoring and impact assessment through documentation of key lessons, good practices and case studies.